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This game is fun, there isn't much more to say.^^
And thanks for using my track in it. :D
9/10| 5/5|

ViolentAJ responds:

No problem. Thank you for allowing me to use it. It's a great song that goes well with the game.

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Also mir gefällt's richtig gut, besonders der alternative Part am Ende ist nochmal so'n richtiger Klimax für das ganze Stück. Nice work again!

PatrickMueller responds:

Danke Mann, dabei find ich es gerade ab deiner "Klimax" eher einfallslos :D

Total inspirierend! Man spürt bei diesem Stück richtig die rpg-atmosphäre. :)

Sehr emotionales Stück. Mir gefällt die Melody und besonders die Struktur, erst nur Strings, dann nur Piano, dann mischt sich das ganze zu einem klasse Lied!
Sorry, dass ich in letzter Zeit so selten was von mir hören lasse. °XD

Squale responds:

Dachte schon, du wärst verschollen. xD
Nein, danke für dein Review. ^_~

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Your art is awesome! Can't believe you're only 16 and this talented! :D
Keep up your great work, can't wait to see more from you!!^^

Clari responds:

Oh thank you so much! That means a lot to me. ^^


The bomb/rocket looks really great, I like the reflex and shadow effects on it.
I just can't believe that the background is made with paint, you used the spray can, of course, but how did you manage to add those cylinders? In Paint you can't work with different transparency levels, so you had to add those in another way, but how? :O

Hellstick responds:

Well... If the link I posted doesnt help clairfy your question here's how i did. It's a rather long read but it'll be helpfull:P

First of all i used the paint bucket inside the boarder to get the darkest green that can be seen to the left. Then i graduately spraypainted a new, lighter colour with a verry big spray paint (the spray paint size can be adjusted by pressing ctrl and + or - on the num pad). I did this a couple of times untill i had a base gradiant of dots. I then made the bombs in various sizes and placed them on top of the gradient.
Now this is where it becomes tricky:
To make it look like i used transperancy i had to make another gradient simmilar to the one i just made, but in darker colours. I did this by first making a box of dark green paint with the exact same green as the base green i started with, except i set the luminance 20 lower (colours->edit colours->define colurs->luminance). Then i picked the original base colour as my Secondary colour (done by left clicking with the "pick colour" tool), and selected the move object tool. Then i marked the gradient and moved it down on top of the dark green colour. Because the base green colour was selected as my secondary colour that will not be a part of the object you move.
I then redid this with all of the colours in the gradient, untill i had an exact copy of the first gradient, except every colour had lower luminance. Then i painted the bombs white and picked white as my secondary colour, and moved the light gradient exactly on top of the dark gradient.
And voila, it looked like i used transperancy:)

You can try it out if you want (and if you understand what the hell i just saidXD) but i guarantee you this was made in paint:)


That's a very clean and stylish sprite sheet, I like the different thickness of the lines. The only thing I don't really like is that the person makes too little steps.^^

I'm a versatile music producer from Germany working with FL-Studio with more than 8 years experience. For commissions, send me a private message here on Newgrounds or an email to: t-freemusic@web.de

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