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Thank you - 500 fans on Newgrounds!

2012-02-01 07:53:47 by T-Free

After more than three years of music making and 149 tracks here on Newgrounds, I managed to get 500 fans! I'm really happy to have the chance to have so many listeners and would like to thank you all for staying interested in my stuff!

Soon, there will also be many new stuff posted on youtube and even wip's and experiments on my facebook page. So checking out those will definitely be worth it in the coming months!

Facebook: 11523308884388?sk=wall

Thanks, you are awesome!

Thank you - 500 fans on Newgrounds!


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2012-02-01 09:13:16

wow das ist ja ne menge. kein wunder deine musics sind auch echt cool :)
congrats ¨¨


2012-02-01 09:29:09

Wow! That is a huge milestone, indeed! Congratulations! :)


2012-02-01 15:24:30



2012-02-01 16:39:19

No, you're awesome!



2012-02-01 20:48:01

Congrats bro boy'


2012-02-09 15:10:06



2012-12-18 23:24:28

Nice are you aiming for 1,000 now?


2013-08-12 14:30:32

Nice congrats


2015-03-18 14:03:51

Hey, are you involved in CrossCode? How come you're not credited on the game page?

(Updated ) T-Free responds:

In fact yes, I am :D
Unfortunately I did not have the time yet to manage that I'm a member of the team here on Newgrounds. Will tell Felix to add me here, thanks :)

Such a great accident that someone detects me through this page :D


2015-04-02 02:15:32

Just wanna say I voted for your game for Number 1 on the monthly poll for newgrounds.

Newgrounds has always been my number one place for Flash games or movies or art/music.

Your game is one of the best games ever made on newgrounds.

The script. The emotions and facial expressions. The music. The smooth gameplay.

As well as the replay value and potential/content.

Now gonna listen to your tracks

T-Free responds:

Thank you so much, we are more than happy to have supporters like you!! :)

Just for you to know: I didn't create the music for CrossCode, I'm actually a pixel artist and animator in the team - the guy responsible for the soundtrack is Intero! :)


2015-04-02 05:02:37

Cool! Discovered u via CrossCode.. happy to be a new fan :-D Keep up the great work!


2016-03-26 21:41:37

Hey, I'm a really big fan of the Raze 2 Soundtrack, specifically the song Infernal Signs. I was wondering if I could use like 10 seconds of it for my Youtube Intro plz :)